• James Cameron rides the wave of success
  • Three of his films make history
  • This also includes the new Avatar

James Cameron's latest blockbuster, Avatar: The Way of Water, has secured a spot in the top four-grossing films of all time just after its release.

It has already grossed over $2.1 billion since its release in mid-December 2022, according to Box Office Mojo. This is the continuation of Avatar which is already in record range. Film director James Cameron did not expect this himself.

The most successful films of all time: James Cameron takes three

James Cameron was skeptical about the numbers when the first Avatar film was released, as he revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in December 2021. But the concern seemed unjustified.

Avatar: The Way of Water, which was released in mid-December 2022, is already one of the most successful films of all time based on box office receipts.

But that's not all. With his success, Cameron can only build on his reputation as a groundbreaking director, especially with two of his other films in the top 4 most successful films of all time. 

Also interesting:

In terms of earnings, the ranking is headed by his film Avatar. Avengers: Endgame follows in second place. The Marvel hit may not be by Cameron, but it is with Titanic that the Canadian celebrated such a great success in 1997. That classic movie is the third highest-grossing film of all time.

Now Avatar: The Way of Water is added in fourth place.