• David Jason starred in Only Fools and Horses
  • He is now 82 years old
  • The actor is still busy in show business

For David Jason, age is just a number. Now in his ninth decade of life, the actor and comedian still has plenty on the go and has kept busy with content for his fans in recent years.

What has the knighted British star and four-time BAFTA winner been up to lately? Let's take a look...

David Jason: His Early Career

Sir David Jason is best known to British television viewers for his decades of work on BBC sitcoms Open All Hours (as "Granville") and Only Fools and Horses (as "Del Boy Trotter"). Other popular roles include "DI Jack Frost" in the A Touch of Frost detective series.

Actor David Jason on Only Fools and Horses

But, moving into the 21st century, Jason has kept active in a range of media. This has included revival series Still Open All Hours, which last aired in 2019 and hasn't confirmed a finale as of yet. On TV, he also performed several voice roles on the animated series Pip Ahoy! in 2020.

Sir David Jason at age 83 in 2023

For close followers of Jason's work, he's also been producing a documentary series on topics including his career, motor vehicles, and British inventions, several of which premiered in 2020.

Also Interesting:

A couple years ago, Jason released a memoir with Penguin Books, A Del of a Life: Lessons I've Learned

David Jason appeared in the 2021 film, A Cold Supper Behind Harrods and in the 2022 film Banking On Mr. Toad

Jason turned 83 years old on Feb. 2, 2023. Watch for plenty more from him in the coming years. See other performers who have received a knighthood here.