• Prince William warned Harry about Meghan
  • He was worried Harry moved too fast
  • It's all coming out now

In a revelation that's shaking the pillars of Buckingham Palace, Prince William's cautionary advice to his younger brother, Prince Harry, about the pace of his whirlwind romance with Meghan Markle, has come to light.

This bombshell detail, extracted from Prince Harry's memoir 'Spare,' unveils the depth of concern within the royal family over Harry's rapid move to marry the American actress. 

From a Place of Love

"Slow down, Harry!" might as well have been the theme of Prince William's (38) heartfelt caution to his brother, Harry, regarding the latter's fast-paced romance with Meghan Markle. The Duke of Sussex's latest memoir, "Spare," spills the royal beans, revealing William's worries that Harry was sprinting down the aisle too quickly with the Suits star.

Jennie Bond, a seasoned former BBC royal correspondent, weighed in, telling 'The Sun', "He was correct to guide or warn Harry 'are you sure you're not going a bit fast'."

According to Bond, William's concerns were rooted in a place of love and the desire to shield his brother from potential heartache. After all, the royal road to matrimony is littered with the need for a "long courtship" – a tried and tested formula for enduring royal relationships.

The royal family's history of lengthy courtships stands in stark contrast to Harry and Meghan's love story. Bond points to the "delightfully happy marriage" of Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, and Prince Edward, as well as the decade-long romance between Prince William and Kate, as prime examples of love's slow burn leading to lasting unions.

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan's decision to tie the knot just over a year after their relationship began has set tongues wagging about the speed of their courtship.

Harry and Meghan's courtship was also compared with the slow-burn romance of Prince William and Kate. Speaking on the Sun's Royal Exclusive show, Jennie added: "Kate was given ten years to peer into the goldfish bowl of royal life."

Despite his brother’s cautions, Harry proposed to Meghan in 2017, just over a year into their long-distance relationship. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's extravagant Royal Wedding took place at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018, with a reception hosted by the now-King at Frogmore House.

In the memoir, Harry explained how the arrangements for his wedding also drove a wedge between his relationship with his brother.

Also interesting:

Despite the warnings, Harry and Meghan's love story culminated in a fairy-tale wedding at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018.

The world watched as the couple, seemingly unphased by the whirlwind of controversy and advice, pledged their love to one another, marking a new chapter in royal history.