• Leni Klum likes to be revealing
  • See wears a sheer dress
  • Her mom Heidi reacts

Leni Klum, 20, is not shy about sharing her allure. Her latest Instagram stories once again showcase everything.

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Leni Klum: Hardly any room left for fantasy

Leni Klum made a bold fashion statement at an event, opting for a long, ultra-thin, transparent jumpsuit that left little to the imagination.

Leni Klum at an event

She's also sporting black lace underwear beneath the jumpsuit, clearly visible through the sheer fabric. Leni poses with her boyfriend Aris Rachevsky for a snapshot in her story.

And what does her mom think of the look? Heidi Klum appears proud of her daughter's outfit. In Heidi's story, Leni is also featured, showcasing her budding modeling career from behind. Her backside is definitely eye-catching.

Klum family

Leni Klum stuns in a form-fitting lace slip that barely covers the essentials, revealing her stunning figure. She wears her hair in soft waves cascading over her shoulders.

Posing alongside presumably her grandmother Erna Klum and one of her brothers, Leni and her boyfriend make a striking pair.

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