• Princess Anne was rushed to the hospital
  • She has a concussion
  • Here are new details

On Sunday evening, Princess Anne (73), the sister of King Charles, was taken to the hospital after an accident on her estate in Gatcombe Park. She suffered a concussion and minor head injuries.

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Princess Anne suffers from memory loss

According to 'The Telegraph,' Princess Anne also experienced temporary memory loss, a common symptom of concussion. Many sufferers struggle to remember the incident or short periods of time.

Several media reports suggest it was a riding accident, though the palace has not confirmed this. Emergency services were called to Princess Anne's estate, and after initial treatment at the scene, she was taken to Southmead Hospital in Bristol for further assessment and treatment.

A statement from Buckingham Palace read: "The Princess Royal has suffered memory loss after sustaining head injuries thought to have been caused by one of her beloved horses. Her Royal Highness has for now been persuaded to stay under the watchful eye of medics is a testament to the potentially serious nature of her injuries."

King Charles III is being constantly updated on his sister's condition. This is not the first time Princess Anne has been injured while riding; she also suffered a concussion with temporary memory loss after falling from her horse at the 1976 Olympic Games.

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