Michael Weatherly (50) and Coté de Pablo (38) had us glued to our TV screens every week as Tony DiNozzo and Ziva. Coté left NCIS in 2013 and Weatherly followed suit in 2016. However, recently the two ex-NCIS stars were reunited once again and we couldn't have been more delighted when we heard the news that they are working on a new series together. 

New crime series to air soon starring ex-NCIS stars Michael Weatherly and Coté de Pablo

Not much is known about the new series as production has only just started, but here's everything we do know. The show is called MIA and tells the story of a detective who's past catches up with her while she is trying to solve a case. Weatherly and de Pablo are both working as producers on the show, which will be aired on CBS.

In the series, the MIA detective is partnered up with a new partner, who couldn't be more different than her. While she takes a more-laid back approach to regulations, her new partner is a stickler for rules. 

Coté de Pablo and Michael Weatherly's new TV series

What we don't know yet is whether Michael Weatherly and Coté de Pablo will also be appearing in the show. De Pablo is not a fixed cast member on any other series at the moment, so there might just be a chance that she will be starring in it. Weatherly is currently the lead in the series Bull, so his schedule might be a bit more difficult to manage if he is to appear on screen.

A guest appearance would also go down well with fans though! Whether the series will be a success remains to be determined as it will only be given a fixed slot if the CBS bosses like the pilot. We'll keep our fingers crossed!