• Rebecca Black was a famous singer 
  • She became popular for her hit song "Friday" 
  • Learn more about what she's been up to lately

Rebecca Black gained public attention when she was only 13 years old after releasing the video of her first song "Friday" on YouTube, which went viral and mostly got negative critics and media coverage. Described as "a whole new level of bad" and "the worst song ever" "Friday" made Rebecca a perfect target for those who tend to ridicule people on social media, which was particularly difficult for her due to the fact that she had already struggled with bullying in school.

A couple of months after releasing "Friday" Rebecca Black appeared in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where she performed the song and talked about the negative reaction towards it, However, in response to "Friday" the then-teenager received phone and e-mail death threats and recently the California native opened up about the situation and how she was able to deal with it: "No one knew what they were doing, I had no one who was protecting me," said Black during an interview with Los Angeles Magazine.

Rebecca Black: What is the singer doing today?

It seems that the negative reactions to her song "Friday" only made the singer stronger. Once she turned 18 she decided to have a clean start; she eventually found a team of professionals who believed in her and encouraged her to continue writing her music. The result: In the past years Rebecca Black's music career has been growing and as of today she has more than 15 singles including "Sing It", "Saturday", and "Scream".

"Do You?", one of her most recent songs, was released when she turned 22, and she describes it as her first real song about love: "This song is about a relationship that was, like, my first real, giving my everything to that relationship, and feeling like I was an adult and a real person and the confusion that comes with that when someone isn’t doing the same for you," explained the singer.

Rebecca Black is on her way to becoming a social media influencer

In 2011 Rebecca Black won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star; she has also worked as an actress in films like Legend of a Rabbit and Fine Brothers, and appeared as a guest on Katy Perry's Last Friday Night video. 

Apart from her music career and since she actually became famous due to her YouTube channel (where she currently has 1.5 million subscribers), Rebecca Black has been trying to find her way as a social media influencer. She is very active on Instagram whereas today she has more than 980k followers; she says that the fact of combining all of the things she is passionate about is what actually makes sense in her life.

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