• An ex-aid to the Queen says Harry wouldn't have married Meghan
  • It all comes down to Diana's death
  • Meghan has many similarities with Diana

Harry and Meghan are easily THE most controversial royal couple in the past century, even surpassing King Edward and Wallis Simpson. But Harry wasn't controversial at all until he met Meghan.

A parallel universe

As former Queen's Press Secretary, Dickie Arbiter told 'GB News', it all happened for one reason: Lady Diana's death.
Diana died in a car accident in Paris in 1997, leaving her two teenage sons, William and Harry. This has fundamentally changed Harry.

Unknown Facts About Prince Harry

According to Arbiter, Harry would have still been an important part of the royal family. His relationship with his father and his brother would not have been damaged and he would not be involved in controversial matters.

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