• Marie Osmond is a famous singer
  • She is known for being a member of "Donny & Marie"
  • Learn more about her life and career here

Everyone remembers Marie of Donny & Marie! Her smile, pure voice, and impressive moves brought new life to the Osmond family. Check out some of our favorite photos of young Marie!

Marie Osmond's Family

Gorgeous and charming Marie Osmond was born October 13th, 1959 in Ogden, Utah to the show business family the Osmonds. Her family began performing as The Osmonds to raise funds for The Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints and for hearing aids for brothers Virl and Tom Osmond who have severe hearing impairments. 

Marie Osmond Young

The family had reached great success and eventually brother-sister duo Donny and Marie became the shining stars in the '70s. Their incredible chemistry, coordinated dance movies, and adorable charm secured them the hit variety show Donny & Marie! They featured every major guest you could imagine like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Lee Majors, Dick Van Dyke, Raquel Welch, and Andy Williams!

Young Marie Osmond

The endlessly talented Marie even had her own successful solo career. Her albums I Only Wanted You, There's No Stopping Your Heart, and This Is the Way That I Feel hit the top charts and produced incredible songs like "Everybody's Crazy 'Bout My Baby", and "Read My Lips". 

Marie Osmond continued her fame and had a successful acting career as well. She married BYU basketball player Stephen Lyle Craig in 1982 and the two had one son then divorce in 1985. She later married Brian Blosil in 1986 and had two children and adopted five children with him. They divorced in 2007.

Then on March 30th, 2007, Marie remarried her first husband Stephen Craig, and even wore the same dress she wore to their first wedding! 

Marie and her brother Donny continue to perform together and even had their own Las Vegas Residency and a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame! Now she released a new operatic album in 2021 titled 'Unexpected'! 

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