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5 Iconic Roles That Were Almost Played By A Different Actor

5 Iconic Roles Almost Played By Different Actor

For some of these actors, these roles actually changed their lives - many of these stars were finally able to achieve their big breakthrough in Hollywood as other renowned stars turned down these iconic film roles. Find out which actors almost played in these mega films in the video above!

Can you imagine a life where "Forrest Gump" wasn't portrayed by the incredible Tom Hanks? Neither can we! Check out which other stars were originally supposed to play these famous roles, but ultimately denied them. Some have even said they regret their decision...

5 Iconic Roles Almost Played By Different Actor

Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump was almost played by an entirely different actor!

Tom Hanks made film history as "Forrest Gump"! He won an Oscar for his magnificent performance. But the role almost went to another Holllywood legend!

It turns out that the handsome John Travolta actually rejected the role. Later, he admitted that he regretted this for a long time...