Aaron Carter and Girlfriend Announce Pregnancy Weeks After Domestic Violence Arrest.

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin's Rocky Relationship

The "I Want Candy" singer has always been a hopeless romantic and when he loves, he loves hard and fast. He has declared that each of his past 3 girlfriends was the one and is always super heartbroken when they don't work out. He and Melanie were no different, he even had her name tattooed above his eyebrow!

Then at the end of March Melanie was arrested for domestic violence against Aaron, who posted on Twitter that she was violent and had cheated on him. He removed all photos of her from his Instagram but then suddenly, a week ago, he put her photos back up and announced on Instagram Live that he was going to be a dad to her baby!

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Now he has posted pictures and videos with captions like "'It is strange how often a heart must be broken before the years can make it wise' Time to put my pain into my music again. #NewMusic #Producer this is what pain sounds like. My heart will heal." And Melanie posted a picture of the two with a broken heart emoji and screenshots of messages between him and other girls with the caption "Keep telling yourself your’e not a homewrecker".

Aaron Carter Flaunting New Girl

Aaron has been caught cheating in his relationships before, with Hilary Duff and another girlfriend he had last year. Aaron was quick to deny the cheating rumors and clap back with a meme insinuating Melanie was, in fact, the cheater. And then he posted a picture of him with his new flame laying in his lap in a gorgeous poppy field and has been seen by paparazzi grocery shopping with her.

Aaron Carter Instagram Story.

No word yet on their parental status but it's safe to assume the pair may not be raising the baby together. Shockingly, Aaron has yet to remove the pictures of Melanie from his Instagram like he did last time. He has continued to post him creating beautiful an entrancing tunes to Instagram live and is doing his best to remain unphased by the backlash he is receiving.

We wish Aaron nothing but the best and have our fingers crossed for him!