Aaron Carter and Girlfriend Announce Pregnancy Weeks After Domestic Violence Arrest.

Aaron Carter Engaged To Ex Melanie Martin!

Aaron Carter's romantic life is quite the roller coaster but boy is it a wild ride. Aaron and Ex-girlfriend Melanie Martin have announced their engagement! This will be his second engagement but hopefully, this one will really stand the test of time, considering he has her name tattooed above his eyebrow. 

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Melanie and Aaron first began dating in early 2020, loving fast and hard and getting each other's names tattoed, then suddenly and dramatically split when Melanie was arrested for domestic violence on Aaron in March. Both accused the other of cheating and Aaron alleged in a tweet that she had broken her dog's leg. Then the two reunited shortly after in April and announced they were expecting a child

Screenshot of Aaron Carters Instagram Live announcement.

Then the two announced they had broken up again, Melanie began laser removal of her Aaron tattoo, and fans did not hear anything about the pregnancy again. Days later, Aaron introduced his new soulmate Viktoria Alexeeeva and bragged about how much better she was for him, being his "ride or die," and that he was going to get his "Melanie" face tattoo removed.


Now, both Aaron and Melanie have announced their engagement and stated Melanie may have suffered a miscarriage but they will attempt to get pregnant again "We’re gonna give it some time, let her heal, and then we’re going to try again. We both want that." Aaron has posted photos of the engagement ring saying "I love you 3000 sweetheart" and "Everybody deserves a second chance."

As for Viktoria? She seems pretty upset and in many comments on her Instagram, she responds suggesting Aaron wronged her and Melanie swooped in while she was away from Aaron for a few hours but that she is moving on.

While Aaron and Melanie still bicker a bit on Instagram live, they are being very lovey-dovey and affectionate. Best of all, the face tattoo can stay! Congratulations again, you two!