On Instagram, Adele (33) revealed to her fans with an emotional post some heartbreaking news. The singer films herself speaking into the camera in clear emotional distress. Adele reveals to her fans with a heavy heart that her Las Vegas residency show just isn't ready yet. The news comes quite last minute since the show was supposed to kick on today, Friday January 21.  

The British singer reveals that they have had many setbacks including delivery delays and half of her crew and team being out with covid-19 right now. This has therefore made it impossible for her to put on a great show. 

Adele Is "Gutted" To Postpone Show

With Weekends With Adele supposed to have been running from January 21 to April 16, all dates will be rescheduled, and "More info coming soon" according to the caption on her video. "I'm sorry it's so last minute, we've been awake for over 30 hours now trying to figure it out, and we've run out of time," Adele says with heartbreak in her voice.

She then goes on to say she's "embarrassed" and apologizes to the people who have traveled to Las Vegas especially for the concerts.

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You can tell how difficult it is for Adele to have to make this decision but unfortunately, with everything happening in the world right now, it's making it very difficult for things to run smoothly. 

However, she makes it clear that the performances have only been postponed and that she and her team are already eagerly looking for a solution to finish her show. For Adele, the performances would be part of her big comeback after years of no music, the singer released her new album, 30, in late 2021.