Kimye. Bennifer. Brangelina. Over the years, Hollywood history has been written with catchy combo names for power couples.

Now, new couple Kanye West and Julia Fox have a couple's moniker. Julia herself chose it and posted it on her Instagram story today.

After Kimye: Julia Fox picks her name with Kanye West

The big reveal: Fox wants to be called Juliye.

Over the weekend, Fox and West made their red carpet debut at Paris Fashion Week. Fox reposted an image from the event and captioned it "Juliye."

Julia Fox Reveals HER Nickname With Kanye West

It's awfully similar to Kanye's former portmanteau with Kim Kardashian, "Kimye." Since then, he has also officially changed his name to just Ye.

So, we'll see if Juliye sticks as a nickname, or even as a couple. 

Fox, the 31-year-old actress, has been dating Ye, 44, for a few weeks now.

His marriage to Kim Kardashian broke down last year, and they're now publicly clashing over care for their kids.

For the full story on Juliye, please watch the video above!