The tragedy that played out on the set of the western film Rust has still shaken the world weeks later. Most of all, Alec Baldwin (63), who accidentally fired the prop gun that hit and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins (†42), is devastated, as he explained in an interview with George Stephanopoulos (60) from ABC.

Alec Baldwin has now deleted his main Twitter account. This account is where Alec was making most of his statements regarding the incident. However, the actor has a second verified account that he hasn't deleted. He last posted something on the second account in October.

Alec Baldwin now has one less Twitter account

Alec Baldwin had last used this account in July. Why he deleted his first official account and not the second is unclear. In the interview with ABC, Baldwin described the incident from his point of view and made the shocking claim that he "did not pull the trigger" of the prop gun that ended up taking Hutchins' life. "I let go of the hammer of the gun, and the gun goes off. [...] I would never point a gun at anyone and pull the trigger. Never," Baldwin said in the interview with ABC. 

Alec Baldwin

In addition, Alec Baldwin is said to have only found out about the camerawoman's death much later, and rather just thought she fainted or had a heart attack instead of actually being shot. Baldwin said in the interview, "Honest to God, if I felt I was responsible, I might have killed myself."

After the interview, the opinions of the audience were divided. Many believe that Alec Baldwin did himself a disservice with the interview. As reported by Fox News, lawyer Rachel Fiset is of the opinion that the Hollywood star "tries to steer the narrative so that the blame for this tragedy is pushed away from him." 

"Any statements made on television during an investigation could lead to inadvertent admissions," Fiset continues. The interview could therefore also be of interest to the judges and in the worst case, it could also be used against him.

There was also criticism on Twitter. Many users agree that the actor did what he does best in the interview: act. They agree that he is trying to blame someone else for his guilt. Perhaps this criticism on the social media platform is the reason for Alec Baldwin's decision to delete his main Twitter account.