Alec Baldwin has signed off from Twitter.

On Monday, the 30 Rock actor wrote to his followers explaining how toxicity on the service has motivated him to quit. "Twitter is like a party where everyone is screaming," Baldwin tweeted. "Not much of a party," he added, signing off with a "Goodbye for now."

Alec Baldwin quits Twitter in 2021

Twenty-four hours later, Baldwin has kept true to his word. Though he did stay to "like" a tweet that read, "You've just added ten years to your life," in response to his message. 

And though the exit could stem from any of Twitter's many "toxic" areas — politics included — many are pinning it on the fallout from the scandal surrounding his wife Hilaria's heritage and accent.

Alec Baldwin's Twitter exit due to Hilaria Baldwin scandal...?

Last month, Hilaria Baldwin was accused of faking her Spanish heritage. In claims that arose on Twitter, it was pointed out that she'd been born in Boston—not Spain, as she'd previously implied—that her birth name was Hillary—not Hilaria—and that videos appeared to show her exaggerating a Spanish accent despite being American.

Alec Baldwin leaves Twitter in 2021 after wife Hilaria's scandal.

Baldwin defended herself, saying: "Ethnically I'm a mix of many, many things; culturally, I grew up with the two cultures. It's really as simple as that." She added that she, Alec, and their children "celebrate both" cultures in their home, as her parents, while white, were from Spain.

Whether Alec Baldwin's Twitter hiatus becomes a permanent exit remains to be seen. His page is still live as of Tuesday.

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