On October 21st, there was a fatal accident on the set of the film Rust. Alec Baldwin (63) accidentally shot what was supposed to be a prop gun and hit two people. Camerawoman Halyna Hutchins (†42) succumbed to her injuries, and director Joel Souza (48) was also injured and was hospitalized.

The shock still weighs heavily on those who are involved. Alec Baldwin and his family also have to deal with this misfortune.

A fatal set accident: Hilaria Baldwin breaks silence on Instagram

Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria (37) has now written a statement about the accident on Instagram: "My heart is with Halyna. Her husband Her son. Their family and loved ones. And my Alec. It's said, "There are no words" because it's impossible to express the shock and heartache of such a tragic accident. Heartbreak. Loss. Support."

Alec Baldwin

Fans and colleagues encourage Hilaria and Alec in the comments and support them with kind words. Alec Baldwin already a few days ago made a statement on the matter. He wrote on Twitter, "There are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of Halyna Hutchins." 

According to media reports, Alec and Halyna's family attended a memorial service for the camerawoman. All of Hollywood is now mourning Halyna, who still had a promising career in the film industry ahead of her. But especially her husband Matthew and their nine-year-old son Andros are mourning the loss of an incredible wife and mother.

It is not yet clear when the investigations into the fatal accident will be completed. Until then, production of the film Rust was understandably put on hold.