He played the "Earl of Dorincourt"...

'Little Lord Fauntleroy': How Did Alec Guinness Die?

Ricky Schroder and Sir Alec Guinness in Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Little Lord Fauntleroy is one of the typical Christmas classics watched by families all over the globe every year during the holiday season. Actor Sir Alec Guinness was amazing in his role as "Earl of Dorincourt" next to the little "Ceddy", played by Ricky Schroder. Unfortunately, the accomplished actor died in 2000 already.

One of the most famous roles of Oscar-winning actor Sir Alec Guinness (†86) is that of the stern and merciless "Earl of Dorincourt" in the Christmas TV movie Little Lord Fauntleroy.

In this Christmas classic, Sir Alec took over the leading role alongside the former child star Ricky Schroder (49), who still today is recognizable as little "Ceddy" and also still makes movies.

Alec Guiness died from liver disease

The character actor actually retired from public life in 1996, four years before his passing, in order to be able to spend his last years with his wife Merula Salaman (†86). But on August 5, 2000 Sir Alec died after suffering from advanced cancer of the liver. Only a few months later, his wife also succumbed to cancer.

Ricky Schroder and Sir Alec Guinness in Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Sir Alec Guinness not only gave life to the iconic role of the "Earl of Dorincourt" but also into many other movie characters: He not only played the leading role in the epic movie drama Doctor Zhivago but also appeared as "Obi-Wan Kenobi" in the old Star Wars trilogy by George Lucas (75) and played the role of "Prince Faisal" in Lawrence of Arabia.