Alex Trebek is opening up about the emotional rollercoaster of having stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The Jeopardy! host posted a video to update fans on his health, and shares he is hopeful to return to the studio soon to continue filming.

Trebek shared the video to WABC-TV and said they are remotely filming episodes for later in July.

Alex Trebek is still filming Jeopardy! despite cancer diagnosis

"In the meantime," he said, "I’m here at home recording show openings for some very special Jeopardy! episodes that will be coming up in July."

"For the first time ever, we’re going to open the Jeopardy! vaults and take another look at some of our favourite episodes," he continued.

Trebek then opened up about where he stands currently with his health saying, "I’m doing well, I’ve been continuing my treatment and it is paying off, although it does fatigue me a great deal."

"My numbers are good. I’m feeling great," he confirmed, before announcing a memoir he has been working on that will hit shelves July 21.

Watch the clip below!

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