Angela Lansbury, 96, who most know from the series Murder, She Wrote, lent her voice to the film character "Mrs. Potts" in Beauty and the Beast. It was also she who sang the famous "Beauty and the Beast" song in the film. 

However, just before she recorded the song, a dramatic scene occurred. Angela had just been on a flight that was dealing with a bomb threat, and the plane had to change course to land. Fortunately, then came a moment of relief: it was discovered there was no bomb.

Angela Lansbury only sang "Beauty and the Beast" once

Lansbury lost a lot of time because of the threat, and she barely made it to her recording appointment in the studio. The story was told by the "Belle" voice actress Paige O'Hara in an interview with Insider.

The surprising thing: After this horror flight, Angela managed to sing the song perfectly in a single attempt. Despite just one recording, the song was done and it became a global success.

In 2016, the Disney film Beauty and the Beast celebrated its 25th anniversary. The star of the evening was, of course, Lansbury, who was quite the looker back in the day, by the way.

Her colleagues at the time remembered the single-take recording of the song with admiration. At the anniversary celebration, Angela performed her song again live on stage.

The legendary actress celebrated her 96th birthday this year. You can click here to see what Lansbury has been up to in recent years.