Vaccines. Masks. Lockdown. You name it — Eric Clapton is probably against it. The 76-year-old guitar legend has been one of the more vocal celebrities opposing the various restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic, including the vaccine itself.

Eric Clapton has no friends after year of COVID protests

It turns out Clapton's controversial opinions have taken a toll on his personal life. In a new interview, he said he's been left with few friends and life has "dwindled down" to just a few family members who think he is "a crackpot anyway."

Eric Clapton Has Lost Almost All His Friends Because He's An Anti-Vaxxer

Clapton did collaborate on anti-lockdown music with likeminded musician Van Morrison, but he noted he's now often ignored by other musicians and former friends.

The guitarist is vaccinated but claimed to have experienced unanticipated side-effects afterward. He's tried to discredit vaccines ever since in addition to bashing mask and lockdown orders.

Watch the video above for Clapton's new comments on life after his so-called activism.