Justin Bieber And Ariana Grande Collab On "Stuck With U"

"Stuck With U" was just released by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber and it is the perfect quarantine beat. It's smooth and romantic and easy to dance to! The two even asked for footage of fans dancing to the melody beforehand to include in the melody! So intertwined with footage of Justin and his bride Hailey embracing and Ariana cuddling her pup is clips of their fans and first responders dancing too! 

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Both artists have been donating to important charities to help fight COVID-19 and have been featured on country-wide concerts to raise money for first responders in 'Stronger Together, Tous Ensemble' and 'One World Together At Home'.

Ariana Grande's New BF Seen In Charity Music Video

Now they have created their own beautiful song and music video to "fund grants and scholarships for children of first responders who have been impacted by COVID-19 in partnership with the First Responders Children's Foundation." Big-hearted Justin wanted to give back in a big way to all the healthcare workers putting themselves at risk to help us all.

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The music video featured big names like Michael Bublé, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Jaden Smith, Lil Dicky, and even Tiger King's Carole Baskin

Throughout the video, Justin was showering his bride, Hailey with affection while Ariana cuddled her sweet little pup until the very end when we got to see her boyfriend real estate agent Dalton Gomez! He was hooded and adorably swaying to the music until Ariana got on her toes to KISS Dalton! He spun her around and we finally got to see his smiling face! And he is CUTE.

It's official now! 

Check out the music video here!