Armie Hammer's view in the public eye has changed quite a bit in the last year and he has been forced to give up major Hollywood roles. Now he is finally getting help.

Armie Hammer Checks Into Rehab

Call Me By Your Name star Armie Hammer has skyrocketed into fame with his great talent in the past few years but this past year has changed his trajectory in Hollywood quite a bit. 

Tras acusaciones: Armie Hammer rompe el silencio; revela que fue abusado

While quarantining with his wife and children, allegations of affairs and sexual abuse came to light, leading to the breakdown of his marriage to Elizabeth Chambers. Leaked footage showed Armie drinking and taking drugs while driving and using a woman as a sexual prop. 

Armie then gave up his starring role in the high-billed comedy Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez and was replaced by Josh Duhamel. He also stepped back from The Offer and was replaced by Miles Teller in the behind-the-scenes series about The Godfather

After months of denying there was a problem and that the allegations for nothing but "bull**** claims," he has reportedly checked himself into an in-patient rehab in Florida. Vanity Fair stated that he was seeking treatment for drugs, alcohol, and sex addictions. 

Armie Hammer in 2020.

According to Vanity Fair, he informed his soon-to-be ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers in late May and she has been supportive of his momentous decision. Hopefully, he has a successful treatment program.

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