Luke P. should have stayed in his lane... and followed the rules he agreed to! Now a court has determined he has to pay up a big chunk of change.

The Bachelorette's Luke P. Owes $100,000

Luke Parker gained a lot of attention during his time on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette for all the wrong reasons. His misogynistic statements, bible pushing, and hypocritical actions rubbed fans, the other contestants, and even Hannah the wrong way. During season 15 he started off strong and even earned the first impression rose, capturing Hannah's heart. 

But unfortunately for Luke, he quickly turned into the villain of the season, and time and time again ignored Hannah's wishes, even returning after he had been eliminated when the two argued about Lukes demands about pre-marital sex.

Now according to Entertainment Tonight, Luke P. is being held accountable for breaching his contract with NZK Productions Inc., the ABC company that creates The Bachelorette. Luke agreed to and signed a clear contract with the company which forbade him from partaking in unauthorized media appearances after the contract was signed until 1 year after the final episode of the season aired, which would have been July of 2020. 

Luke P. made many unapproved media appearances after the season ended and even spoke negatively about the show in September and October of 2019. So Luke violated his cut & dry contract pretty quickly and now the court has determined that he owes NZK Productions a whopping $100,000 in damages. 

Check out the epic season 15 showdown between Hannah and Luke Parker here:

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