Former President of the United States, Barack Obama is getting real about what fatherhood presents itself like when you're outnumbered in a house full of females!

Obama laughed with Jimmy Kimmel over the fact he and his daughters love to tease one another, but yet he oftentimes finds himself the center of the joke!

Barack Obama shares life at home

Being a father to two daughters is no walk in the park, according to Barack Obama. The former President laughed during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! about his relationship with the women in his life!

Former President Barack Obama on stage during a campaign event for Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the University of New Hampshire

While being outnumbered at home as the only male, Obama shares that he wouldn't want it any other way! On Thursday, Obama opened up about his new memoir, A Promised Land, which will outline key details of his life leading up to his presidency. 

Obama, who shares two children with his wife Michelle, Malia, 22, and Sasha, 19, revealed to Kimmel the family dynamic, and what kind of humour the Obama's have.

Recalling a story that took place in 2004 when the girls were much younger, Obama shared that he started to get recognized by the public, and so his daughters had a plan and took the opportunity to tease their dad.

"Malia, who's sitting in the backseat with Sasha, says, 'Dad, you need an alias.' Sasha's like, 'What's an alias?' Well, it's like a fake name you use so you disguise your identity. She said, 'So it should be Johnny McJohn-John,'" Obama recalled.

"'The problem is,'" Malia continued, "'You also have to disguise your voice because it's too distinctive. You talk really slow; you need to speed up how you talk and use a higher voice.'"

"She had a whole plan, Sasha agreed to the plan. We get home, they explain the plan to Michelle, [and] Michelle says, 'Hon, the only way that Daddy is going to disguise himself as if he has surgery to pin back his ears,'" Obama laughed. 

"Which I found somewhat offensive, but, I'm generally the brunt of jokes at my house," he added.

Further on in the interview, Obama also joked about why he's "afraid" of his daughter.

"The reason is because Sasha is a mini Michelle — and I'm afraid of Michelle! And Sasha, having seen that, has the same look and the same attitude," he said.

"Malia is more like me temperamentally," he continued. "And we call ourselves the 'Long Faces' because her face is more shaped like mine, and it's the 'Round Faces' are Michelle and Sasha. And the 'Round Faces' are a fiercer tribe."

Obama will appear on the cover of InStyle's January issue to promote his new book, which he has dedicated to his daughters and wife.

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