Hits like "Stayin Alive"

Bee Gees: Trivia & Facts About The Famous Pop Trio

The Bee Gees in 1970

If you don't remember the Bee Gees then we have to say, you gotta listen to some of their worldwide hits right now! This family band goes down in history as one of the most well-known and famous band of brothers of all time. 

The Bee Gees found fame with hits like "Stayin Alive" and "How Deep Is Your Love". Consisting of twin brothers Robin and Maurice as well as another brother Barry, the Bee Gees were an international success. We have put together some facts about the iconic pop group that we know you'll enjoy! Check out the video for all the details and some fun facts about the group!

The Bee Gees on stage in 1999

The Bee Gees perform in 1999