Ben Affleck and Sacha Baron Cohen had more than a few things to connect on during their Actors on Actors interview for Variety.

Ben Affleck and Sacha Baron Cohen Nude Scenes

The well-known actors were able to open up to each other about some uncomfortable topics.

At one point during their talk, Sacha asked Ben, "So obviously, you're a two-time Academy-Award winner, a multiple Golden Globe winner, you were nominated for best depiction of nudity, sexuality or seduction by the Alliance of Women Film Journalists in Gone Girl. What did that mean to you?" Ben famously bared it all for a few seconds of full-frontal nudity in Gone Girl.

Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike in 'Gone Girl'.

Ben proudly responded with, "Wow. Everyone dreams of that. That's what you get in it for. That's what you shoot for." Sacha then asked him, "Were you furious when you didn't win?"

Ben swiftly responded by asking, "Were you angry? I mean you do so much frontal, you've been so naked, and yet you were overlooked."

Sacha explained, "Yeah, the Alliance of Women Film Journalists never saw what I saw in the mirror." The Good Will Hunting star Ben Affleck then pointed out, "I noticed in the past, when you blacked out your penis, it was 14 inches. Now, how close to the truth was that really?"

Sacha Baron Cohen on 'Borat'.

Sacha replied, "I feel like we're veering away. Tell me about your Batman!"

The pair really deep dove into behind the scenes efforts they each have had put forward for their performances in the interview. Ben spoke about bringing himself into the role of an alcoholic in The Way Back and Sacha gave insight into just how he got the infamous Rudy Giuliani scene in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.

Sacha and Ben get along together swimmingly and have a clear appreciation for each other's work so their interview is filled with charm. 

Catch the fun interview here!

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