During an interview on SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show, Ben Affleck talked about how he became a child actor and explained how that somehow made his longtime friend and co-star Matt Damon feel jealous.

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The Argo star recalled how he was cast in a kids show when he was about seven years old, which fortunately gave him the chance of having a normal childhood, since it was filmed sporadically.

Ben Affleck's acting career as a child made Matt Damon feel jealous

Ben Affleck said that the fact of being on television at a very early age made his friend Matt Damon feel "so incredibly jealous," but it was also what encouraged him to pursue an acting career. 

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The wonderful Ben admitted taking credit for Matt's acting career, since he started to be interested in a career in cinema after seeing Ben so passionate about being on television: "I really take credit for that," he joked.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon - friends and co-stars!

The rest is history, both actors have built amazing careers in show business and they have even worked together! In 1997 Matt Damon and Ben Affleck appeared in the film Good Will Hunting, where they shared credits with the late Robin Williams.

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The longtime friends are working together again in Ridley Scott's film The Last Duel. The film gave them the opportunity not only to act together, but also to spend time together as friends. "Our schedules kind of intersected so that we had some free time to share," Affleck explained.