After 10 months of being separated, the Beverly Hills 90210 star Jennie Garth reconciled with her husband Dave Abrams only six months ago, but now the actress has opened up about their split and revealed details on how they are together again: “We definitely had to part ways completely. We needed that time to grow,” said the 47-year-old actress during an interview with "People" magazine.

Jennie Garth met her husband on a blind date!

Jennie Garth met Dave Abrams on a blind date back in 2014; right away their relationship became quite serious and they got married only a couple of months later. However, the actress said that it was probably really quick and that they didn't consider that there were a series of individual things that needed to work out before tying the knot; Abrams eventually filed for divorce in 2018. 

It seems that Jennie Garth was really devastated after realizing that there was a possibility of getting divorced, but she explained that when she actually decided to accept the reality everything seemed to work better: "When I finally did accept, like, we’re breaking up, I had to tell myself, Dave is not an option. Because I kept wanting it. And then, just when I felt whole again, we started hanging out.”

Jennie Garth saved her marriage and feels happy with Dave Abrams!

The BH90210 star said that once they learned from the situation by themselves, they started to have a deep connection again; the fact of being separated is what actually brought them back together. "Dave keeps me young and fun, he makes me laugh. And that is the most important thing!”, said Garth.