• Ashley Graham recently gave birth to twin boys
  • She has shared her first photo after her pregnancy
  • Graham also revealed the names of her twins

Ashley Graham is getting ready to open up about her latest pregnancy! The model took to Instagram on Thursday to make her first post since she and husband Justin Ervin welcomed twins, revealing new details in her caption.

Graham says her new baby boys are "the greatest teachers" 

Graham looks away from the camera in the photo as she sits on a white couch. It appears Ervin captured her in a candid moment, seen with her shirt open as she breastfeeds one of her babies. In her caption, Graham called her twins "the greatest teachers and biggest reminders that I can do hard things." She also shared their names with the world for the first time— Malachi and Roman!

While Graham did not elaborate on why she chose these specific names for her newborn sons, both of them have interesting meanings. "Malachi" is said to mean "messenger," while "Roman" means "strong" or "powerful". Despite the fact Graham's lengthy pregnancy sounds like it was challenging for her, the model said it was ultimately "so worth it" now that she's on the other side.

Also interesting:

Graham also shared that she plans to open up about her recent pregnancy in greater detail, saying that she "can't wait to share" more about it. She and Ervin also have another son, Isaac, who is now 2 years old. Graham was candid about that pregnancy as well, revealing that she experienced "messy" postpartum