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Bono Banned Good-Looking Bands From U2 Tours Because Of "Troublemaker" Daughter

Bono Banned Good-Looking Bands From U2 Tours Because Of "Troublemaker" Daughter

U2 frontman Bono had a difficult time with his daughter Eve Hewson. So much so that he had to set restrictions for the band! 

Actress Eve Hewson is opening up about how she and her sister made life a bit difficult for their rockstar dad, Bono. Their rebellious teen years took quite a toll on the U2 frontman!

Bono's Rebellious Daughters

The Papillon star Eve Hewson opened up to Town and Country about her teenage years and her dad's struggle to keep up. Eve said both she and her sister Ali "were little troublemakers."

Her poor dad, Bono, was pushed so far to the brink that he had to set rules for his band U2! Eve admitted, "There got to a point in my teens when my dad couldn't hire good-looking support band anymore. He was like, 'No more boys in their twenties, please God!"

U2 JOSHUA TREE 2019 SYDNEY, Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. in 2019.

The Bridge of Spies actress dated One Tree Hill star James Lafferty for 5 years but split in 2015. Eve is openly frustrated with her romantic life and said, "It's hopeless out there. It's really a disappointment. I've heard they're creating these girlfriend robots and hopefully soon they'll do boyfriend robots, so I think I'm just going to wait for those. You could just unplug them when they bother you."

Eve has her tight-knit family to keep her company. She explained that she, her 2 brothers, sister, and parents "complain about each other all day long, but we're genuinely kind of madly in love."

Eve Hewson and Charlie Hunnam in 'Papillon'.

As for her latest role, Eve star is the latest Netflix project Behind Her Eyes. Eve stars as "Adele," the mysterious wife of a psychiatrist. In the psychological thriller her character "goes from zero to one hundred, and I was concerned I wasn't going to be able to switch that on immediately. I thought I would need something to get me into those emotions."

"So I asked the props team to get me a baseball bat and a pillow, and I would just beat that thing whenever I needed to get really riled up. Before a take, I'd be like, 'I need the bat! I need the bat!' and they'd be running around trying to find it. It ended up being really therapeutic."

Behind Her Eyes is now available for streaming on Netflix. Check out the trailer here!