Bradley Cooper was fortunate to escape unharmed after he was threatened at knifepoint last year.

The Hangover actor opened up about the startling incident in a new interview. He recalled he was in a New York subway station when the attack occurred, but quick thinking allowed him to get away from the confrontation.

Bradley Cooper threatened by attacker with knife

On Dax Shepard's podcast, Cooper explained that he was waiting for the subway with headphones in when someone suddenly approached him. He thought it was a fan hoping for a photo, but the actor then saw the man was armed with a knife.

Bradley Cooper Was Threatened By A Knife-Wielding Attacker

Cooper instinctively fled, but he ended up chasing down the attacker and photographing him for police. It's unclear what the knife-wielding criminal wanted from the star.

Please watch the video above to hear Bradley Cooper break down the knife incident, which he says happened before the COVID-19 pandemic.