Britney Spears is currently recovering after a dance injury that's left her in a foot cast! On Tuesday, Spears' boyfriend Sam Asghari took to Instagram to share the news.

"My lioness broke her metatarsal bone on her foot doing what she loves which is dancing," Asghari wrote in his post. "Wishing her the best recovery so she can jump, run, and dance her butt off". 

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Britney Spears and Sam Asghari attend the 2019 Daytime Beauty Awards on September 20, 2019.

Britney Spears is getting "Stronger" as she rocks her new cast

Spears and Asghari are pictured together in what appears to be a hospital photo as the cover picture for Asghari's post, which they took with a cute Snapchat filter. 

Asghari also shared a photo and video of Spears' cast, on which he wrote "Stronger" with green and blue marker. The simple message doubles as a wish for recovery while also being a cute nod to Spears' 2000 hit song of the same name!

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See Britney Spears' "Stronger" cast in the Instagram post her boyfriend Sam Asghari shared here!