In 2003, Britney sat down for a tell-all interview with legendary journalist Diane Sawyer. The interview touched on the most personal and intimate details of Britney's life which was wrapped in tumultuous tabloid stories, and family dramas that greatly affected the pop star following her very public breakup with her then boyfriend, Justin Timberlake.

Even though some 18 years have passed since then, on Monday, Spears posted a very lengthy, and since deleted, message on her Instagram page which revealed her feelings on how that now infamous interview came to be, and what it did to her mental state!

Britney Spears Slams Diane Sawyers

Britney Spears Slams Diane Sawyers

"Do we dare forget the Diane Sawyer interview in my apartment almost 20 years ago?" she wrote. "What was with the 'You're in the wrong' approach?? Geeze... and making me cry???", posted Spears. 

"Seriously though... I lived in my apartment for a year and never spoke to anyone... my manager put that woman in my home and made me talk to her on national television and she asked if I had a shopping problem!!! when did I have a shopping problem? - something I never shared when I had that break up years ago was that I couldn't talk afterward," she wrote, before adding, "I was in shock... pretty lame of my dad and three men to show up at my door when I could hardly speak... two days later they put Diane Sawyer in my living room... they forced me to talk!"

It's unclear how much of a role Sawyer herself played in making the interview happen, but so far, she has not come out to speak in defense of her actions. But Spears' father has had his legal representatives speak on his behalf.

"Mr. Spears has no idea what Ms. Spears is talking about. Jamie never set up any interview with Diane Sawyer and was not present for any such interview," their statement read. 

Even though Britney's infamous conservatorship has ended, it looks like her personal and family problems haven't. Fans will hope she can soon find the peace she has been after for so long, and they continue to support her through thick and thin!

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