Britney Spears' fans are feeling a bit validated after her big request in court recently. She has asked to have her dad Jamie Spears removed as her main conservator while also made herself open to compromise. She has some fairly reasonable reasons why she wants him out and knows exactly who should take over.

Britney Spears Asks Court To Remove Her Dad As Sole Conservator

Britney Spears' court-appointed attorney has just filed a request for 38-year-old Britney asking to have her father Jamie Spears removed as her sole conservator over her estate. Specifically, she would like Jodi Montgomery who has been a temporary conservator to take over the lead role permanently. This comes after the #FreeBritney movement has been accusing Jamie Spears of mishandling his daughter's estate and keeping her excessively dependant on him. 

Britney's attorney has said the "Toxic" singer "Strongly prefers" Jodi to be in the position over her father because she wants someone that is a "qualified corporate fiduciary" to manage her business. Apparently, she also does not want to continue performing at her Las Vegas residency that her father has strongly pressured her to continue. 

Jamie has been the sole controller of her conservatorship since his co-conservator resigned a few years ago. We will have to wait and see if he accepts or fights back to keep control of his daughter's funds and estate.

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