BTS has come forward to speak out against the ongoing epidemic of anti-Asian hate. On Tuesday, the popular K-pop group took to Twitter to share a statement where they opened up about the racism they have encountered and explained why they decided to take a stand. 

BTS talks about facing discrimination for being Asian

BTS tweeted their emotional statement about racism against the Asian community in Korean, also including an English translation alongside it. "We send our deepest condolences to those who have lost their loved ones," they began. "We feel grief and anger."

The group— which consists of Jungkook, Suga, Jin, RM, Jimin, J-Hope, and V— then discussed having been targeted by racism. "We recall moments when we faced discrimination as Asians," they shared. "We have endured expletives without reason and were mocked for the way we look."


BTS stands against "racial discrimination" and "violence"

BTS went on to say that they've been asked "why Asians spoke in English," expressing how upsetting it is to be racially targeted. "We cannot put into words the pain of becoming the subject of hatred and violence for such a reason," they said, calling their experiences with racism "inconsequential" compared to the recent surge of violent hate crimes against Asians.

However, the group also acknowledged the negative impact of these experiences, saying that they "were enough to make us feel powerless and chip away our self-esteem." BTS finished their statement by explaining that while they had "contemplated deeply" how to address the topic, they felt the need to speak out.

"But what our voice must convey is clear," they concluded. "We stand against racial discrimination. We condemn violence. You, I and we all have the right to be respected. We will stand together." Numerous celebrities have also called for the end of violence against the Asian community, including Killing Eve star Sandra Oh, who took to the streets at a protest with an impassioned speech!