Buddy Valastro recently went out of his way to show his appreciation for the medical staff that have been there for him! As People shares, Valastro ended up having to undergo multiple surgeries following a hand injury, and the Cake Boss star is extremely grateful to those who have helped him with his recovery!

Valastro designs cake inspired by New York hospital

Valastro took to Instagram on Wednesday to post several pictures of a brand-new cake he created, which was themed around the Hospital For Special Surgery in New York City! Back in September, the baker severely injured his right hand after it became stuck in the machinery of an at-home bowling alley, which led to his treatment at the hospital.

"Check out the super special cake I made for Dr. Michelle Carlson, the nurses and staff at @hspecialsurgery as a token of my immense appreciation! It replicates the main hospital there in #NYC," Valastro explained in his caption, alongside photos of Carlson and the other staff with the cake. "I could never thank them enough for all they have done to help me on this journey to a full recovery."

Buddy Valastro attends a book signing with Twitter at Goya Foods Grand Tasting Village during 2016 Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival on February 27, 2016.

Valastro says he's trying to "get back to who I was"

Valastro also opened up about his recovery last month, revealing how things have been going for him! "I was in a really bad place mentally in the beginning," he told People. "I kept waking up to night sweats of the nightmare of it happening, and the pain."

The Cake Boss star— who filmed a new TLC special called Buddy Valastro: Road to Recovery— also admitted he's not sure how his baking skills will be impacted in the long run. "I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to ice a cake the same way or be as fast as I used to be," he shared. "That's still to be discovered, and not knowing kind of sucks."

However, Valastro mentioned that his family and fans mean everything to him, explaining that they're the driving force behind his desire to overcome his injuries! "It really touches my heart," he said of their support. "I'm going to be trying to fight and get back to who I was for them." Here's hoping Valastro will be able to do just that, and make many more incredible cakes in the future!

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