But he may find himself walking the plank at CNN after shocking revelations of criminal behavior were discovered following the Jussie Smollet trial taking place in Chicago this week. Smollet is currently on trial for faking and staging a racial hate crime where he portrayed himself as the victim. The supposed attack became international news, and Lemon was one of Smollet's biggest defenders, at a time where racial tensions where at an all time high in America.

After it was discovered that Smollet had staged the entire thing with accomplices, the actor's career was effectively ended and a criminal investigation soon followed. But during this week's trial, Smollet has revealed that Lemon had tipped him off about police suspicions that Smollet was lying to investigators!

Calls To Fire CNN's Don Lemon Are Growing

Calls To Fire CNN's Don Lemon Are Growing

People from all over the internet are calling on CNN to fire Lemon for keeping quiet about the part he played in the Jussie Smollett investigation. They could well have a point as this could imply interfering with a criminal investigation, and that could spell legal trouble for him as well.

This comes shortly after Chris Cuomo ended his career at CNN in disgrace following allegations of him using his leverage to help his brother Governor Andrew Cuomo during a criminal investigation as well. 

The tweets calling for Lemon to step down have been merciless:

No official word from CNN or Lemon himself yet, but surely this will be a permanent stain on an otherwise impeccable career!

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