Cameron Diaz is being candid about why she swapped her movie career for her newest role as a mom! During a new interview where she promoted her new wine brand Avaline, Diaz told Yahoo Finance Presents what made her realize the shift was needed.

Diaz says she once gave "100 percent making films"

Diaz said that she's at "a different time in my life now," and explained that it took seeing a film producer friend of hers shifting gears to realize she needed to make a change. "Her family started to evolve, and I saw her go like, 'Oh, wait, I only have 100 percent,'" the star explained. 

She explained that she then thought about where her own energy was going. "How much are you going to give to your family? How much are you going to give to your career?" Diaz asked. She said that while she used to give "100 percent making films" at one point, "I know what my ratio is for the balance of my life currently."

Cameron Diaz after her appearance on Andy Cohen's exclusive SiriusXM channel Radio Andy, New York City, 2016

Diaz shares she has "no idea" if she'll return to acting

Diaz has been married to Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden since 2015, and the couple share 1-year-old daughter Raddix! "Now I'm here and this is the most fulfilling thing that I've ever done in my life," she said of motherhood. "[To] have a family and be married and have our little nucleus of a family."

She also explained that she doesn't have the energy "to give making a movie what it needs to be made" at this point in time. "All of my energy is here," Diaz said. Back in February, the former actress appeared on the SiriusXM show Quarantined with Bruce, where she addressed the idea of someday returning to the screen.

"I don't know. I have no idea," Diaz admitted. She explained that she currently can't imagine being "on a movie set that takes 14 hours, 16 hours of my day away from my child" while Raddix grows up. "I just feel so blessed that I get to be here now with my child," she said, "and, you know, get to be the mother that I get to be."