Cameron Diaz is probably one of the most famous actresses in the recent history of Hollywood. 

With films like There's Something About Mary and Bad Teacher, she worked her way into the hearts of viewers around the world. Since 2014, however, the actress has been out of the limelight.

Why did Cameron Diaz retire from Hollywood?

Diaz ended her Hollywood career following a final role in the remake of the musical Annie. At the time, she said she was leaving acting to focus on her family, her husband Benji Madden, and her baby daughter, who was born in 2019.

But now, the Hollywood legend is back on TV — with none other than her Charlie's Angels co-star and friend Drew Barrymore. She shared a preview in advance on Instagram.

What is immediately noticeable in the picture: The actress is maturing, but she still looks just fantastic — as does Drew.

Fans are celebrating Drew and Cameron's rare new photo because the duo stand by each other and aren't afraid to show that they're getting a bit older.

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