A message for the graduating youth

Schools all over the world are shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, and many grade 12 graduates are left with cancelled ceremonies and graduation parties.

While it may be a huge bummer for some, celebs like Cardi B, Miley Cyrus, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Garner, and more are banding together, and creating a wonderful message for those moving on to adulthood.

Teaming up with Facebook and Instagram, the celebs will be hosting a virtual commencement ceremony, titled #Graduation2020.

Cyrus is set to perform her 2009 hit "The Climb," and other celebs will be sharing a few words of wisdom for the youth.


"I just wanna say congrats to all my high school and to all my college graduates. Congrats, congrats, congrats!" said Cardi B in a special video taped for the event.

"Don’t let no coronavirus or nothing take this special moment from you," she said.

"You most likely picked your college already so let’s just say how to pick classes," she continued. "When you go to college, I feel like they just offer you so many different classes and it’s so fun, but make sure that the classes you’re going to take [are] going to benefit you one day."

"It’s more than a diploma," added Cardi. "It’s more than graduation. It’s knowledge. It’s knowing that you took it, that you went through those hard nights studying."

In a different video, Matthew McConaughey posted his own words of encouragement saying, "You graduated, you finished what you started, congratulations,” McConaughey sang with a dance.

You are originals, enjoy that. There will always be only one graduating class of 2020 who did it the way you’re doing it now," added the actor. "The big learning is coming in the future for you, I promise you — the experiential learning where you get to put what you’ve learned in school to task."


"This is when it gets fun. This is when it gets hard. Don’t bother yourself too much if you’re not quite sure what you wanna do in life. I’m 50. I have many days where I’m still not quite sure what I wanna be. But I work on it. I stay in the process. [I] try to enjoy it as much as I can," he concluded.

You can watch the ceremony on Friday at 11 am EST, on Facebook Live, or posted to Instagram TV.