Carey Mulligan is opening up about her latest film, Promising Young Woman, and shares how at first she was a bit nervous about tackling such an in-depth topic.

The film, which deals with ideas of consent and female sexual exploitation struck a nerve with Mulligan, and in an exclusive interview with People she opened up about what made it so challenging for her.

Carey Mulligan dives into her challenging role 

Carey Mulligan isn't holding anything back in her latest interview where she explores her role in A Promising Woman, which deals with challenging topics surrounding consent and sexual trauma.

Carey Mulligan attends the premiere of "Wildlife" during the Toronto International Film Festival.

The film, which is a provocative narrative surrounding the #MeToo era, is a revenge thriller that follows the life of "Cassie" (Mulligan), a med-school dropout that takes it upon herself to seek vengeance against rapists, misogynists, and those that protect preditors following a personal tragedy. 

"It's not about a sort of goodie and baddie situation," the actress shared with People. I like the fact that the film makes us kind of reexamine, 'How have we all been complicit in this?' There's so much to unpack about the way people talk about consent."

Her initial reaction to the role wasn't excitement, but rather Mulligan admits she was nervous and unsure how she would tackle such a character. She took that initial reaction as a sign she had to pursue the film.

"I like to play parts where on the page, I can't quite figure them out," she said. "There are elements of it that are very serious and need to be handled delicately, but for the rest of it, it's a comedy."

Mulligan hopes that this film will spark important conversations with the audience, but also shares that she is equally excited to see the reaction of her children when they are old enough to see it. 

While it might be a while for that, as her daughter, Evelyn Grace, is only 5 and her son, Wilfred, is only 3. Mulligan shares her two kids with her musician husband Marcus Mumford.

"I want them to see this film or something like it," she said. "Ideally they won't grow up with the same kind of influences that we did that normalizes this kind of behaviour. I think the world has moved on, to a degree, or is in the process of moving on."

Promising Young Woman is now playing in theatres. 

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