Carole Baskin says she doesn't bring out her claws as often as the hit Netflix docuseries Tiger King portrayed! The notoriously wild show first started streaming while the world laid down to rest as the novel Coronavirus took over.

Since millions have seen the show, many folks have their own impression of Carole Baskin, and the feline-lover says that her newfound fame is not all it's cracked up to be!

Carole wants people to know who she really is 

Since Tiger King started streaming on Netflix in March, millions of viewers got a chance to form their own opinions on who Carole Baskin is, and the cat rescuer is letting people know it's not an accurate portrayal!

Carole Baskin in 'Tiger King' 

As season 29 of Dancing With The Stars is set to air this fall, Baskin admits she's thrilled to be cast but maintains it will always be her main mission to rescue and take care of her feline friends.

"I am not at all the person I was portrayed in Tiger King," Baskin, who owns Big Cat Rescue in Florida said in an exclusive interview with People

"I am not the money-grubbing, gold-digging, murderous person that they portrayed. I am the type of person who will come after any person who is abusing animals. I am relentless. I just won’t stop until I find some legal way to make it stop," she continued.

Baskin continued, "From that perspective, I think they got me right. Me as a person, that was a total assassination of my character for nothing other than whatever money they could get for selling that to Netflix."

Baskin refers to the lengthy narrative throughout the show that she was involved with the disappearance of her ex-husband Don Lewis in 1997.

"What the show doesn’t show is that I’ve been dealing with death threats and people attacking me for decades," she said. "All of these animal abusers know that I am leading the leading sanctuary against [them]. It’s been nothing for them to threaten to kill me or to harm my family."

Baskin added that "everything happens for a reason", and that her work in big cat rescue is never over.

"No matter how horrible something may seem, there is something that I may not see that is right on the other side that is going to prove that this is what I needed in order to get to this next place," she said. "For me, this next place is no more big cats in cages."

"Even though Tiger King has grossly misportrayed me and the entire sanctuary movement and animal protection, the good news is, people are talking about it and they will find out how these animals are being abused and they won’t stand for it," she adds.

"I can’t wait until the day where we can close the doors, tear down those cages and there is absolutely no more need for rescuing exotic cats from horrible situations," she concluded, saying that all this publicity is good for the cats.

Dancing With The Stars will air September 14 on ABC.