Chance the Rapper is not shy when it comes to sharing his love for his best friend and little brother, Taylor Bennet. The two are celebrating International Friendship Day and sharing how they've maintained a good relationship over the years.

The two rappers are admitted Disney fans and are teaming up with Mickey True Original, a movement meant to keep friendship and love at the epicentre of all our lives!

Chance the Rapper talks life with his BFF

Chance the Rapper is teaming up with Mickey True Original to share how he and his best friend, fellow rapper, and little brother, Taylor Bennet, stay true to one another as they navigate through their crazy lives.

The Mickey True Original Instagram page is dedicated to sharing how celebs are putting their friendships first, and how a solid circle of love can get you through anything. 

"We definitely fought growing up," Chance said. But the two men - also fathers - found that as they grew up, they realized the importance of family.

"I think the older we got, the more it set in that no matter what we will always have each other and that family is a bond we won’t take for granted," Chance continued.

Chance calls Bennet his "Donald to my Mickey" and shares they have lots in common with their animated counterparts, who have been friends for 90 years.

"Donald and Mickey complement each other really well and I think Taylor and I are the same way," he said. "We push each other to be better musicians, fathers, brothers and partners but also always have each other’s back."

"It’s a blessing to have the ability to say my brother is somebody who I agree with enough and admire enough to support each other through our lives and our careers. What he aspires to be, I aspire to be," he added.

Many other celebs took part in the Mickey True Original, including Gigi Hadid, who celebrated her lifelong bestie.

Fans are encouraged to post them with their besties and hashtag #MickeyFriendsStayTrue!