It hasn't been uncommon in recent years to see Hollywood stars speak out in favor of, or against one another after a particular event takes place. For comedian Dave Chappelle this is nothing new, as his career has been enveloped in controversy since the early 2000s with Chappelle's Show. Many actors and fellow comedians both defended and criticized his hard-hitting brand of comedy, that often centered on racial issues in America.

And after his latest stand-up special The Closer on Netflix, actor Channing Tatum has weighed on Chappelle and the jokes about the transgender community that have landed him in hot water yet again. Tatum took to Instagram to post his feelings about the matter in which he tried to bridge the gap between fans.

Channing Tatum on Dave Chappelle Controversy

Channing Tatum Weighs In On Dave Chappelle

"I understand that Dave is a very dangerous person to talk about at the moment...any human can hurt someone (usually cause they're hurt) but any human can heal and heal others just the same," he posted. "This little piece healed me back in the day. I can't forget that."

This "little piece" was in reference to a video of a speech Chappelle gave at the Kennedy Center in 2019 where he talked about his struggles growing up, where many got to see a different side of the comedian. It seems that Channing is hopeful for reconciliation and a positive ending to this saga which continues to make headlines as reactions about special keep coming in. Let's see if Tatum's comments land him in any trouble of his own.

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