Charlize Theron has admitted she isn't exactly the best singer! In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress was asked about the possibility of her getting involved with Vin Diesel's hypothetical musical based on the Fast and Furious franchise.

Theron says she's had to "really be honest" about her voice 

Theron was candid in her response to Entertainment Tonight's Matt Cohen, revealing why the project is something that won't be in her future. "No, I have zero [singing ability]. I cannot sing, so Vin is on his own there," Theron said. "I wish I could sing."

The actress— who stars in the upcoming Fast and Furious movie F9— then admitted that she's "had so many opportunities where I've just had to really be honest" regarding her voice. Instead of letting herself get cast in projects that would require her to sing, Theron said she's admitted the truth to directors up front.


Theron also went on to share that the only place she says she's comfortable singing is "the shower, maybe for myself." And while she doesn't seem to think she's a good singer, it seems Diesel has a different opinion! As Entertainment Tonight mentions, the Fast and Furious star jokingly replied in a follow-up interview that Theron can in fact sing, saying he "will have to write some bars with her."