• Chiara Ferragni's husband Fedez was seriously ill
  • The rapper was hospitalized to remove tumor
  • Fedez and Ferragni post about what happened

Italian rapper Fedez and his world-famous wife Chiara Ferragni experienced a big shock a few days ago, revealing to fans that the musician was in poor health. Now Fedez has explained what happened, sharing on Instagram that he had a tumor taken out.

Ferragni's husband Fedez had a pancreas tumor

Fedez explained the situation in his native language. "Last week I found out that I have a rare neuroendocrine tumor in the pancreas," he wrote alongside a series of hospital photos. Thankfully, the rapper was fortunate the tumor was discovered early and could be removed! Part of his pancreas was taken out as well and he is now recovering. "Two days post op I'm fine and can't wait to go home to my kids," he shared.

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His wife also opened up about her husband's health scare in a heartfelt Instagram post of her own. "We were scared for everything: his diagnosis, his surgery, his recovery, our life and the fiture of our family," Ferragni wrote. "The surgery on Tuesday went well, and he’s now recovering and hopefully this will only be a bad memory that taught us, once again, the importance of enjoying life to the fullest, everyday"