It would seem that President Donald Trump didn't have any interest in working with "Captain America" in his bipartisan effort to educate the general population on how politics work in America. 

Revealing to Jimmy Kimmel that he asked Trump twice and got denied, Chris Evans is sharing what the project is all about, and why he's continuing to go through with it.

Donald Trump denies working with Chris Evans

Chris Evans isn't shy about his passion for politics! The Marvel superhero is opening up during his appearance on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live! about his latest project, "A Starting Point," which is a bipartisan effort to get people engaged in politics. 

The video, which was released in early 2020, featured many different celebrities, but one important figure was missing from the video: Donald Trump himself.

Kimmel asked Evans if the President wanted to be a part of the important project, to which Evans revealed he was denied!

"No, I asked him, and he said no," he said.

"He said no twice," he continued. "And so it's like, 'Well, I did my part.'"

Later in the interview, Evans also shared that this election has taken most of his attention, despite normally loving sports. 

"I don't know what it is, 2020 has kinda kicked my a--," he said, referring to the fact he didn't watch the 2020 World Series. "I'm normally a big sports guy. I'm a little preoccupied with politics these days."

Watch the full clip below!

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