Reality star and real estate mogul Chrishell Stause isn't letting internet trolls steal her shine! Over the weekend, Stause received some nasty DM's on Instagram doubting her recent life wins.

Stause, who works for the Oppenheim Group in Beverly Hills, has recently started dating her boss, Jason Oppenheim, and also purchased her first home. While normally people would celebrate such happy life news, Stause shared that some people felt the need to troll her online.

Chrishell claps back at her haters

The troll in question sent Stause a nasty message riddled with misogyny that she wouldn't be anything if it weren't for her riding on the coattails of the men in her life. Stause was previously married to This Is Us star Justin Hartley, and since divorcing him has made a name for herself in real estate.

Chrishell Stause arriving at the Critics™ Choice Real TV Awards

Stause captured a screenshot of the DM which read, "You seriously act like the f***ng victim when you're not. We can see right through you! That ugly predator mask you wear isn't going to cut it. You ugly w**re!!"

Talk about nasty! The horrible person went on to say, "The only reason why you're getting listings and selling them is Bc [sic] of Jason. And that dream house you got was Bc [sic] of Jason."

Stause clapped back writing a message on her story on Instagram saying that she clearly wasn't the miserable one. She noted, "When you are an agent on tv you end up getting so much business you have to refer it out to others Bc [sic] there is only so much time in a day."

In her next story, Stause recorded a message of thanks to her supporters and fans. "You guys just flooded my DMs with the nicest messages, and I wasn't posting it for that," she said.

"It just kind of gave me a laugh," she said. "But I really do appreciate it. You guys are just so kind and sweet and I know there are way more of you than the trolls. Thank you!"

Stause and Oppenheim started dating this past July, and look happier than ever! You go, girl!