• Courteney Cox gave a new interview
  • She discussed the work done on her face
  • Cox "didn't realize" she looked "strange"

Courteney Cox has new thoughts about the days when she went "crazy" with cosmetic procedures.

The now 57-year-old famously changed up her appearance after Friends, but many felt she no longer looked like the actress they'd come to know and love. She now agrees with that opinion.

Courteney Cox looks back on her changed look

Surprisingly, Courteney Cox told The Sunday Times she "didn't realize" that she looked "strange" after having the work done. Looking back, however, she now understands why people felt that way.

Also interesting:

Cox confirmed she got various "injections" and procedures. But the Scream star now thinks it was "crazy," and she is committed to aging gracefully.

For Courteney Cox's full comments on cosmetic procedures and aging today, please watch the video above.